Stop Wasting Time and Automate

Without automation, you're fractions of your full potential.

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Stop wasting time and automate.

I'm sorry but we spend so much time doing things we don't need to do anymore.

I recently rediscovered macro support in VSCode.

When I understood how to operate this particular extension, I let out a cry of joy, pain, and satisfaction.

All this time I've wasted doing things that could have been done with two keystrokes.


Since this automation I've created 5+ new macros over a couple weeks. I've saved ~1hr of time and I'm still adding new macros.

Please, stop what you're doing and automate.

Give yourself time to break away from your normal schedule in order to improve it substantially.

In fact, I recommend scheduling time to break away from your schedule to automate parts of your schedule. #meta

Technology, and those who know how to wield it, can yield astronomically asymmetric outputs.

Don't be late to the automation and leverage party.

If you're reading this consider, yourself lucky.

If you actually take the time to automate something after reading this, consider yourself scaled.

Do it for your future self.

Stop what you're doing and automate.