July 2022 Retrospective

Finding work to increase runway, interviews & time management issues, Timeva v2, media automation.

10m Read


Product KPIs

👀 Page views: 88

⬇️ App downloads: 9

⌨️ App opened: 29


I made the sacrifice and mistake of locking the app down too much during launch. This prevents users from really trying it out and experimenting with the value add. Timeva v2 will add a 30-day free trial, which should make for a better onboarding experience.

Windows support will increase the total pool of prospects, while exportable timesheets could be big win as it allows Timeva to compete with other time tracking software. It'll be great to improve Timeva as I haven't touched it since launch in May.

👀 Page views: 31

⬇️ App downloads: 4

🎹 Musical ideas created: 40


Without any additional effort, Light Bulb has been standing on its own two feet for months now. I thought it's growth would suffer when I wasn't giving it as much attention but, I was wrong. As I mentioned last month, I'm beginning to understand the idea that software is a (semi) passive growth asset.

👀 Page views: 101


Social (totals)

Twitter: 137 -> 148 followers

Youtube: 9 -> 29 Subscribers

Instagram: 380 -> 400 Followers

Indie Hackers: 10 -> 18 Followers


Slow twitter growth, and great youtube growth. Relatively speaking, of course. I'm not too concerned with social growth. Consistent sharing and connecting with other builders is my core strategy here. I want to find and connect with prospects and users SLOWLY to ensure I'm actually solving their problems.

💰 Revenue: $6/MRR


Nothing new here. I'm still in the early learning, sharing, building and iterating phase of my solopreneur journey. I'm still looking for product-market-founder-fit.


👍 Utilizing 'Dragonite' to reliably generate media assets which saved me time.

👍 Great interview execution and interview preparation.

👍 Receiving solid full time job offer for cool company in rapid growth phase.

👍 1k Total youtube video views and almost 30 youtube subs!

👍 Beginning experimentation with youtube Shorts


🧠 Looking for work has been a serious drag on my mental state. I performed well, but the 10+ interviews I've had this month took priority over my solopreneur endeavours. This did not feel good but it was something I had to do. I have to think long-term and I have to increase runway.

🧠 The key to transitioning to full-time work while building product will 100% come down to time management and sacrifice. There are 24 hours in a day and 7 days a week. I know I can provide value to a company and continue to build my business. The trick will be putting in great habits right from the start and keeping my mind & body as healthy as possible.

🧠 Patting myself on the back for prioritizing work this month. It's hard for me to change my focus, especially when that focus is my dream of building my own small software startup.

🧠 Dragonite, my personal media generator is coming in clutch right now. It enables me to generate thematic images to quickly share on social. I'm going to keep playing with this tech, it's going to be essential as I spread my time into full-time work. I wonder if anyone else needs something like this. Once I get access to dall-e 2, this tool gets a lot more useful and interesting with just a few tweaks.

What's next?

🗓 Timeva v2 release

🗓 Lock in full time work

🗓 Personal Viable Product (PVP) for my next app

🗓 Improved Marketing automation

🗓 More great blogs like 'When you win, what will you do'

🗓 50 Youtube subscribers!

🗓 Second Timeva member key sale!

Thanks for reading! Feel free to join the journey to become a solopreneur. Connect on any platform and I'll see you in the next one 👋.