2 years for $6/MRR100% worth it

Why I would do it all again

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I want to share my beautiful indie dev dumpster fire story with you.

About 2 years ago I finished contracting as a senior level engineer making a decently fat stack and transitioned to the broke + risky indie dev life.

Two years later, I've burned through almost all my runway and have 1 paying user for my SaaS app for creative musicians Light Bulb. (huge shout out to my brother)

Despite the massive opportunity cost of burning two prime years of my engineering life span, it was 100% worth it.

Here's why...

1. I've discovered my dream/ideal lifestyle: creating valuable software as an indie dev.

2. I've gained an enormous amount of software, marketing and time management skills I never would have obtained working for someone else.

3. I escaped the unending rat race and my own tendency to 'earn more', 'be better' and uselessly 'compete'

If you're reading this and are hesitant to start your indie dev journey. Do it. Trust me you will not regret it. Knowing if this life is for you is worth the time, energy, and cost.

If you are on your indie journey, you inspire me.

I may have used 2 years and only made $6/MRR, but this is just the beginning.

I'm just getting started and so are you.