Truth over feelings

Truth never bends

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Let me preface this by saying: if you don't want anything in life you probably shouldn't be reading my blog.

I'm incredibly intent on creating the future that I want.

In order to do that I must face reality to improve my chances of success.

If you want to understand something you must seek the truth of how that thing works.

Don't seek the feeling of understand through the feeling of joy or the feeling of content.

These are facades of the human experience that will slow you down.

Seek truth alone. Truth moves your mental models closer to the model of reality.

The trick here is to disassociate yourself from your emotions enough to see the truth.

Otherwise, you'll be seeking validation through the lens of your emotions.

Emotions are an innate part of the human experience but in order to seek truth in your domain you must set your emotions aside. Emotions don't like to make room for truths that hurt.

If you want to excel, you must prioritize the truth over your feelings.

It's a 'simple to understand - difficult to execute' type of concept.

Truth over feelings.