Risk On

Coping with risk.

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Risk is a simple concept. It's not a simple experience.

"Risk On" means the more chips you put on the table, the more chips you can take off *if you make the right bet*.

"Risk On" feels like playing tag with your least favorite emotions: fear, greed, anger, confusion, frustration and sadness.

There are many techniques, and strategies used to combat the experience of being "Risk on".

For instance, you can:

- Research your domain to calculate the probability of outcomes.

- Strengthen your mental through fitness, yoga, mindfulness and meditation to harbor a calm mind and an awareness of one's feelings.

- Grind hundreds and thousands of hours of experience in order to dampen your emotional responses.

In the end, however, the risk and it's associated feelings will always be there in some form.

The nature of risk is in not knowing the outcome.

Being "Risk on" means travelling into the unknown with the desire for something greater.

As long as you desire the reward more than you fear the pain of loss.

Risk on.