1 App. 30 Days. Whatever It Takes

I will ship no matter what

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I just spent 2 years building my first SaaS to earn just $6/MRR.

In most accounts, it’s considered a failed project and I am a complete indie failure.

After a big 'L' I could sit back and take time to lick my wounds but I know a secret.

Thanks to my skateboarding and avid (addicted) gamer days I know that

you only lose when you give up.

And I’m just getting started.

I’m taking everything I learned from my first SaaS and diving right into my next project with a few key pillars (unbreakable guiding principles).

1. I have 30 days to ship the product

2. The product must have a business model

3. If I wouldn’t use it myself, it’s not good enough

From 0 to shipped. You’ll be able to download June 1st on macOS and PC.

No matter how much or how hard I have to grind.

I will literally die before I miss this deadline.

If you want you can see what I’m building here but first know this...

I will ship.

1 app

30 days

Whatever it takes.