Give Value. Satiate Desire.

The journey we all share

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I'm beginning to see the journey I'm embarking on or at minimum, I'm beginning to see some version of it given what I know.

Being a solopreneur, micropreneur, entrepreneur or whatever *preneur you deem yourself is a journey of learning how to give value to satiate desires.

A company's purpose is to do this and the best companies succeed. At least for a while.

I think there comes a point when companies grow and eventually become defensive. These defensive companies shift their purpose to protecting revenue over giving value.

Now, customers are 'squeezed' for revenue. Innovation slows and eventually the company is replaced.

I believe true, mission oriented *preneurs never become defensive.

Mission oriented *preneurs work with a narrower focus and remember the value of the individual.

I believe successful *preneurs truly, deeply care about the value they can give to satiate the desires of their users/clients.

For me, it started out as a journey to create and gain 'freedom' but it's becoming something bigger.

Almost all the 'work' we do in life is done for someone else.

We all work, at some level, to serve others. To give value to satiate the desires of others.

This means the journey of the solopreneur or entrepreneur is to study themselves, people, tools, nature and then compile their studies to optimize value creation to satiate desires in a given domain.

This process runs on a loop until the *preneur gives up, overburdened by the sea of challenges, or cracks open a new avenue of value creation.

In a way, this is the journey we all share.

We all work to give value to satiate desire.