Always start from Gold

Always do your best before doing your worst.

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Always do your best before doing your worst.

This simple methodology has created incredible opportunities for me.

It's how I landed my internship at Blizzard Entertainment as a junior in college.

It's how I was able to accomplish physical feats like one arm pull ups and biking a century (100 miles in 1 day)

And it's how I decided to pursue indie hacker and solopreneurship.

It all starts with a simple question.

What if I just did the things that what lead to the greatest outcome?

Next, write the steps down required to achieve this outcome.

How feasible are these steps?

If they're too large, make them smaller. No single action should induce fear.

Now imagine what it would be like to win this gold medal. Your gold medal. It would be incredible, right?

Only once you've created your gold medal goal, should you move down to silver and bronze.

Always start from gold.

Then, silver, then bronze.

Your bronze medal goal is something you know with confidence you can accomplish.

Silver will take more effort. The reward will be larger, so will the difficulty and risk.

Your gold medal is everything you want, and it will require the most from you.

The idea is to always embark on your life quests chasing your gold.

Try not to let anyone dictate what your gold is. It's different for everyone.

Not many of us have the courage and self-belief to chase our gold or even silver medals, but it's there waiting for you.

When you plan your next goal, give yourself the benefit of the doubt.

It all starts with self belief, imagination and planning.

Always start from gold.